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What does it cost to have a hot water heater installed?

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At Fixed Price Plumbing we are experts in fixing and repairing hot water heaters and installing new hot water cylinders and piping. Given the ever developing nature of plumbing technology and more specifically water heating technology, choosing the best water heating system for your residential or commercial property can be more complex than you would imagine. This is compounded by the constant shifting of power prices and water rates. If you are considering a switch from one system to another, or are looking to install one for the first time we have put together an information package to help you make an informed decision.

The easiest way to begin to break down this process is to look at three of the most popular options in New Zealand and analyse what it is they do and how the options differentiate:

Electric Hot Water Cylinders:

A popular option as it has the cheapest upfront cost of different water heating system options. It has in fact become the most common form of water heating in New Zealand. Electric hot water cylinders work by an element that sits in the water and heats to a temperature determined by a thermostat. Though the cheapest to initially purchase and install, an electric hot water cylinder’s ongoing running costs are likely to be more expensive than most other water heating system options. It is still however the most popular hot water heating system in Auckland.

Gas Hot Water Cylinders:

These systems are found most commonly in houses which have other appliances also using gas. They can run on natural gas or LPG and work by heating the water through an insulated cylinder. They can be handy if you are short on space as they can be located outside unlike some options. They also have the added bonus of working during power cuts as they require no electricity to function, so at least you can have a warm shower in the dark during a power cut. The biggest downside to gas hot water cylinders tend to lose heat more than electric cylinders and this increases their running costs.

Gas Continuous Flow:

A modern system that can do a few things the previous two discussed systems can. A major feature of this system is that it produces hot water that never runs out as it heats water as you need it rather than heating and storing water. They use natural gas or LPG. They also have the capability to produce water at a specific temperature set by a digital controller, meaning you don’t need to mix hot and cold water for a bath etc. It is a more energy efficient choice than a gas heated cylinder though it does not come without it’s faults. It wastes more water than all the other systems as you turn the water on and wait for it to heat up, this can especially be an issue for those on tank supply. They also do not work during a power cut as they system requires electricity to function, though back up power supplies can be attached at an extra cost.

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